Back Catalogue

 This is a selection of my recent back catalogue. All the pictures on these pages are sold.


Semi Abstract Paintings.

This is the latest direction my work has taken. Most of these pieces are reliefs on board and incorporate silver and gold leaf along with a variety of textures.


Other reliefs, mixed media and abstract pictures.

These pieces are made using a variety of materials and techniques.



Landscapes and Studies.

The following paintings are acrylic on board or canvas, some include collage and relief. . They are my modern take on traditional landscape paintings.



Drawings and Inks.

Charcoal, graphite and mixed media on paper sometimes with areas of colour.



Painted Linocut Reliefs.

I have been producing linocut reliefs since 1991 but I have recently stopped producing this type of work.




Monotypes are created by rolling ink onto a sheet of glass. The paper is laid on top and drawn on the back in reverse. The ink is picked up on the other side of the paper. A variety of tools and techniques can be used to make different marks and shading. Several colours are used in succession. Each monotype is a unique one off.



Spoon outline Paintings.

The following are a direction I have dabbled with in the past and are created by painting the outlines with a spoon and then layering areas of flat colour up to these lines. With these pictures I try to use the minimum amount of lines to create a recognisable scene. The negative space in the picture is as important at the areas of colour.